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Forest Inventory Data

The vinv group establishes and maintains specifications to standardize forest inventory data.

Due to the standardized form, ONE uniform data basis can be created from different inventory methods such as field data, processed laser scannings or machine learning predictions and used in various applications such as visualizations, scientific analyses or forest management.

Forest Inventory Data



The vinv group's requirement for inventory data is to represent a forest stand with the highest necessary resolution.

The vinv specifications defines individual tree level by default.
Thereby syntax and semantics of each attribute of each tree is defined. This level of detail allows for both scientific analysis and detailed visualizations of the stand.

Picea abies
ID 4e5d2127
Species Picea abies
DBH 470 mm
Height 24.5 m
Age 84 Years

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vinv specifications and according software is and will be Open Source and free of charge - forever.

Each member of the vinv group has an influence on the development of the specifications by participating in technical and content discussions and contributing to the project.

vinv specifications and software is published under the terms of MIT license.

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